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Halloween was a success this year.  I put thought into what the boys would be months ago.  Halloween was always my favorite and I loved making my costumes.  My sister and I were usually pretty creative growing up.  Even in college I was in charge of costumes for my friends and I.  Scary!  haha This year I knew I wanted the boys to be some sort of duo.  Because lets face it it’s just so cute to dress them alike (maybe not everyday).  So I had suggestions from my facebook friends like Pac Man and a Ghost, Oompa loompas, mustard and ketchup.  All great ideas but I thought of the outlaws at the last minute and decided to go with that. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid the would be.  I just kept imagining baby Ridge with a mustache and the wagon with Outlaws on the side.  I made their little vests out of some sort of leather material from Hobby Lobby and drew Ridges Mustache on with my eyeliner pen while Ben held him down.  We did Miles stubble with the same eyeliner pen I just used a paint brush watered it down and dabbed it on.  The outlaw sign literally took 5 mins with some cardboard and paint.  Hats, guns, bandanas and we were off.  Miles was already on a candy high so we went to get there picture in the Outlook Newspaper.  I’m sure we will be in the Halloween Pics gone wrong section.  He just wouln’t cooperate.  That’s life right.  I tell you there is NOTHING more humbling than having kids.  There are just times you can’t control them or what that will say.  I know we will look back and laugh on these days :)  They were so cute and we had a great night!  However I am thankful this candy filled night only happens once a year.

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