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No one is happier to live close to a state park than me. I take the boys here all of the time because we usually have the playground to ourselves. It’s a great little secret that we fully enjoy. We all love going!! In the summer they have a little spot where you can get lunch and ice cream. If you don’t live on the lake they have tidy little cabin they rent for $87 per night. They are so cool. No tv and why would you with the lake and a dock for fishing right out of your front door. We had family stay on cabin #4 and it was perfect. No frills but a great spot to stay on the lake. The campground is nice too. Lots of waterfront spots and several playgrounds for the kiddos. So if you haven’t visited wind creek on Lake Martin what are you waiting for.

Probably the easiest and cutest kid snack. Just melt some white chocolate in the microwave and mix it up with the pretzels. Then grab a handful and make your best little birdie nest. These cool off fast and stick together great. Add some cute little eggs and a peep on top. I put them in the oven for a few seconds so the peep would stick to the nest. Then in the fridge until they are ready to serve. Kiddos loved them.

We had a blast at Mcwane Science Center in Birmingham today. Took both boys(ages 2&4) by myself which is always an adventure. Parking was a breeze which I was worried it would be expensive or a long walk. Not so because they have their own parking garage and it’s only $5.00. Never had to get in the rain. It’s the little things that keeps this mama happy. The toddler area was great but we were actually able to enjoy the entire museum. Didn’t slow down long enough to read many signs haha. They loved the toddler play area (my littlest ended up standing in the water play area barefoot, whoops), the bubbles, the fish floor, but I think a crowd favorite was the robot floor. You could race a robot in putting a puzzle together. Super fun. They even had great prices on kids snacks. For $3.50 you got popcorn, a large apple juice, and a fruit pouch. Pretty cool, and we will definitely be back.

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